Trusts and Estate Planning

The relative fluidity of contemporary families, combined with ever-changing family and tax legislation, makes asset protection and management extremely challenging. Only a well-considered and regularly-reviewed structure can protect your hard-earned assets and ensure they serve the purpose you intend, now and in the future.

Specific Areas Of Expertise

  • Trusts
  • Asset planning and management, including asset transfers to trusts
  • Drafting memoranda of wishes
  • Advising on rights, obligations and duties of trustees, beneficiaries and settlors
  • Succession planning
  • Provision of independent trustees
  • Retirement villages
  • Charitable trusts


Our lawyers focus on formulating the optimum overall structure for clients' business and personal asset management. Young professionals and business owners, in particular, require security and protection as their assets and responsibilities grow.

Our clients appreciate our specialist knowledge, in a field where everything they own is at stake and where the relevant laws are constantly changing. We keep up with the changes – in the law and in our clients' lives – and are proactive about suggesting asset management improvements.

Expect us to think outside the square. For example, if you ask us to set up a trust, we'll ask why you want one – rather than just doing what you ask and putting a hand out for the fee. A little investigation may reveal that a trust is not the right answer, or that it is only part of the answer.

Cairns Slane has a sound deeds and trust administration system, and regularly reminds clients of trusts and estate management essentials.

To every client, the Cairns Slane team brings a wealth of experience and understanding, and a desire to develop the very best structures for asset management and wealth creation. We spend time getting to know each client well, so that we understand their current situation and their aspirations for the future. This enables us to apply our in-depth knowledge and breadth of experience of trusts and estates, and provide tailor-made solutions.