Property Law

There is no such thing as a minor, or simple property transaction. With the increased value of property throughout New Zealand, and increased complexity of property law, there is a lot of hard-earned money at stake with every sale and every purchase.

Specific Areas Of Expertise

  • Sale and purchase of residential, commercial and rural property
  • Property due diligence
  • Buying and selling leaky buildings
  • Arrangement and documentation of mortgages, and business and property financing
  • Residential and rural subdivisions
  • Easements, caveats and other restrictions of title
  • Unit titles
  • Cross-leasing
  • Commercial and retail leasing
  • Advising body corporates
  • Construction contracts and development
  • Burial and Cremation Act applications
  • Mortgagee sales
  • Limited partnerships agreements
  • Resource management, planning and environment issues


Cairns Slane works to make our clients' property transactions smooth and successful, and as risk-free as possible. Our clients include private and corporate property investors, whose portfolios range in size from modest to extensive, and which can contain residential, commercial and rural land-based investments. Our legal advice and asset management services are also in demand from accountants managing their clients' property portfolios.

Property law has become extremely complex, and anyone involved in the property market needs a good property lawyer with expertise in contract law. The days of formulaic contracts are definitely over, and investors who settle for inexperienced legal advisors or off-the-shelf contracts do so at their peril.

We spend time getting to know our clients, so that we can give the right advice for each client's current situation and future plans. We understand what's at stake for our clients. Because of our long-term view of the client/lawyer relationship, Cairns Slane people go beyond the immediate and the obvious, thinking widely and proactively. Thanks to our thoroughness, our big-picture approach, we strive to ensure there are no nasty surprises awaiting our clients.

The firm is small enough to get an in-depth understanding of the broad scope of each clients' needs, and large enough to provide the specialist legal skills which are essential for sound, on-going business practice. A larger firm will often divide the different aspects of a client's requirements between its teams, making it impossible to keep the total picture in mind and, possibly, leading to inefficiencies.