About us

Cairns Slane is a niche firm of legal professionals serving clients throughout New Zealand, Australia and further afield, from our home base in Auckland.

We are large enough to cope with complex commercial assignments, yet still small enough to provide tailored services for each client. Our legal staff are highly experienced and successful practitioners who enjoy their work and the results they achieve for their clients. 
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With knowledge management resources which are on a par or better than those of much larger firms, Cairns Slane brings the best legal knowledge, understanding and experience to every client assignment.


Our people are highly professional and clearly focused on client satisfaction, delivering legal services with pragmatism and in easy-to-understand language. We approach every issue by examining the legal situation and our client’s objectives, and then working with these two elements to obtain the best possible outcome for our clients.

Type of Law

We are a specialist business, property and trusts practice but at the same time meeting a wide range of client needs under those areas of law.


Cairns Slane has well established relationships with law firms in virtually every jurisdiction in Australia, as well connections in other countries such as the United Kingdom and the USA. Where clients have an issue in an overseas jurisdiction, we can put clients into contact with the right people.