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What you can do for the Zoo

Leaving a bequest to the Zoo Trust helps to ensure wildlife survival for future generations.

The Auckland Zoological Park Trust Board was established in 1992. Volunteer Trustees assist with the planning and funding of significant capital works programmes that complement the conservation, research and education initiatives of the Zoo.

Its mission is to provide support for the Zoo to upgrade and expand current facilities and exhibits; to provide the means for the Zoo to advance national and global animal welfare and conservation through research and exciting visitor experiences.

The vision of the Zoo Trust is to help the Zoo to highlight the interdependence of human and animal welfare. This is achieved by activities that will inspire and empower people to take positive action for protecting wildlife and the environment for future generations.

“…until we can turn the tide of human-induced animal extinctions, good Zoos will continue to be essential to the survival of many species.”

Gerald Durrell, Author and Conservationist.