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Is it time to revise your Will?

It is difficult to know when to revise your Will. Remember that when you make a Will, it is expressing your wishes at a specific point in time. As your circumstances change, the Will may no longer reflect your wishes.

There are certain changes that should prompt you to consider revising your Will. Some of these include:

  • buying or selling assets (a house, business, boat etc)
  • the death of your spouse
  • getting married
  • separation or divorce
  • starting a de-facto relationship
  • the birth of children or grandchildren
  • your children marry, separate or divorce or enter into a de-facto relationship
  • your proposed executor has become ill or died
  • you are contemplating retirement
  • beneficiary named in your will has died
  • a beneficiary is in financial difficulty.

We recommend that you review your Will regularly. If you think that it might be time to review your circumstances with an independent person, do contact us and we will help ensure that your Will does accurately reflect your current wishes.